This earthy, brightly acidic mead balances the berries’ slightly smoky, plummy notes, medium sweetness, and the lingering tartness of this delicious bramble. Made with raw, unfiltered honey & whole blackberries, this mead is intensely fruity with balanced acidity and an earthy aroma. Pairs well with creamy cheeses, duck, veal, and good company.


Schramm’s Ginger is a full-throated, unapologetic expression of ginger and honey. It is intended as an accompaniment to grilled or spicy Indian, Ethiopian or Thai cuisine, grilled Korean mackerel, flavorful sushi and sashimi. Pairs well with dark chocolate.


Schramm’s Raspberry is a raspberry mead made from whole Michigan raspberries and Michigan honey. As a result of the high level of acidity from the berries, it can age gracefully for several years. It pairs well with grilled salmon, salads, and cheesecake.

The Statement

The Statement has gone through more than a dozen iterations. It is an exploration of the depth of flavor and character than can be rendered from honey and tart cherries. That taught balance makes this mead a natural complement to chocolate and sharp or blue cheeses. The Statement also pairs well with grilled pork, and makes a terrific reduction sauce for desserts.




Schramm’s Apple has the simplest of recipes: fresh pressed apple juice & raw honey. More than 30 modern and heirloom apple varieties are pressed to create the best possible combination of apple flavors. This cyser pairs deliciously with chicken & turkey dishes or serve it warm with a splash of whiskey & a cinnamon stick for a delicious fall treat.

Blackberry Sec

This dry mead pairs exceptionally well with duck or a steak cooked rare.  It is vinous & earthy with all the blackberry aromatics you’ve come to expect from Schramm’s Mead.  Like many great wines but unlike most meads, our Blackberry Sec has undergone a malolactic fermentation to soften the acidity in balance with the lowered residual sugar content.  If you love wine and haven’t found a mead that suits your fancy then Blackberry Sec is for you.

Black Heart

Schramm’s Black Heart is a nearly opaque mead, made with black raspberries and premium honey. The distinctly acidic and earthy character of black raspberries make this mead a prime candidate for pairings with sharp cheeses, creamy desserts and well-marbled, dry rubbed meats. This mead will age well for many years.

Black Agnes

This sweet black currant mead is named after one boisterous Scottish wench. Black currants have been grown in the British Isles for more than five hundred years, and used by herbalists since the Middle Ages.


Nutmeg is the seed of a tropical evergreen, Myristica fragrans, native to the islands of Indonesia. Its aroma is warm, creamy and full-bodied. Paired with honey, nutmeg creates a concentrated, voluptuous mead which pairs beautifully with fish and roasted poultry.


Schramm’s Madeline is made with whole boysenberries and Michigan honey and show cases sweet, creamy honey, tannic berries, and a tart finish. This mead is a tribute to our favorite release to date, Madeline June Schramm Naeger. 2015 Release- 377 Bottles.


This entirely Michigan made mead is very honey-forward, showcasing Tom Reed’s delicious Northern Michigan Wildflower honey. It lets the fruit sing the harmony instead of the melody with lighter Michigan Peach character. It features distinct caramel notes and a brandied honey and vanilla aromatic with medium to full body. It pairs well with fish dishes, including tilapia and orange roughy. Released Mead Day 2014.

The Heart of Darkness

The Heart of Darkness is our capstone mead. It is made from hand-harvested fruit. The cherries are of the Schaarbeek variety, an intensely flavorful, European Morello type. The raspberries are Heritage and Latham, and the black currants are Crandall and Consort. Production is extremely limited, as the amount of care and labor which go into each batch is substantial. This is a hand-crafted mead, if ever there was one. The mead is deep purple in color, has a dense fruitiness and a mid-palate with considerable tartness, and a long, lingering, balanced finish. Your empty glass will be very redolent of the honey component. The Heart of Darkness pairs well with spicy, grilled red meats, high quality dark chocolate, and blue cheeses.

The Statement Reserve

Made from 100% Schaarbeek cherries, the Statement Reserve has been referred to as ‘The Heart of The Heart of Darkness.’ It was conceived and crafted to be the purest embodiment of Schaarbeek cherries and premium honey used in its creation. It is compelling enough to be served without accompaniment, but is without peer when served with Belgian chocolate or New York cheesecake. 2013 Release – 36 Bottles. December 2014 Release. No 2015 or 2016 release.