The Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness - Bottle of the Heart of Darkness Mead

ABV: 14%
Style: Melomel

The Heart of Darkness is our capstone mead, made from hand-harvested estate fruit grown by the Schramm’s. The cherries are of the Schaarbeek variety, an intensely flavorful, European Morello type. The raspberries are Heritage and Latham, grown in Michigan by the Schramm family for three generations, and the black currants are Crandall and Consort. Production is extremely limited, as the amount of care and labor which go into each batch is substantial. This mead is the finest representation of our core commitments to fidelity and quality of ingredients. It pours a deep purple in color, has a dense fruitiness and a mid-palate with considerable tartness and a lingering, balanced finish. Your empty glass will be redolent of the honey component. The Heart of Darkness pairs well with spicy, grilled red meats, high quality dark chocolate, and blue cheeses.

Batch #01
Release Date: 10-11-2013

Batch #02
Release Date: 02-08-2014

Batch #03
Release Date: 02-07-2015

Batch #04
Release Date: 01-17-2016

Batch #05
Release Date: 04-08-2017